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"L’Umbria è un mondo intero, un continente, non una piccola regione d’Italia. Qui il tempo ha un ritmo differente perché tutti gli orologi segnano anche l’eterno e l’inutile"
(Vittorino Andreoli)


So, why do couples choose Umbria for their destination wedding?

Italy's green heart, Umbria is a land unto itself.  Removed from outside influences, it has kept alive many of Italy's old-world traditions.  They contain some of the best medieval architecture in all Italy. You'll see grandmothers in aprons making pasta by hand and front doors that haven't been locked in a century. Umbrians have a deep appreciation of art, and throughout history the region has produced its share of talented artists.
The choice of Umbria as a wedding destination is a fascinating and surprising experience offering you the feeling for a different environmental and living dimension. Our land full of spiritual essence can offer the mysticism of ancient monasteries, hermitages or basilicas as well as humble spirit of country churches.......ideal for a destination wedding!


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